Buttery Hot Mall-Style Pretzels

I’m a little bored of my weekend baking routine. Maybe the Fall will break it with all those pumpkin/apple/cinnamon warm flavors.  I went looking for something with a little fun to it that wouldn’t need to rise for a long time. My Pinterest feed gave me Soft Pretzels.

I didn’t want to just serve em up plain so I made two versions – salt & butter and cinnamon sugar. Both staples for shopping at the mall in the 90’s, both delicious in their own way.

The recipe calls for too much baking soda and you can taste it, so I’d suggest going with more of a rapid boil dunk version of the baking soda bath than the wrinkly fingertips 2 minute soak. The dough is easy to put together and the rise time is pretty much non-existent, so there’s no reason not to whip some up immediately. After the boil, toss em on a cookie sheet and add some kosher or sea salt to the top for a salty version – coat both types with good butter and either add a dash more salt or shake in a dish with cinnamon sugar to coat. Eat em hot!

Source: Sprinkle Some Sugar

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